What We Offer

After being disappointed by washed out and stale posed photos of our children season after season, we decided there must be something better. . . . There should be something better. . . .

Now there is something better!

Let us help you commemorate your child's sports seasons and capture your All-Star's shining moments as they happen.

We are parents with children active in sports. We know the sense of pride you have in seeing your daughter score a goal, watching your son hit a double to left field. We provide a personal touch and put in the extra time to photograph your child in action.

Instead of hustling kids through a line on "photo day," we come to you, photograph your child in action, then deliver contemporary designs with spectacular colors and guaranteed satisfaction.

We're local, reliable, and dedicated to giving you the products you desire and deserve.


Action collage — $25

11" x 14" — Up to five photos, along with your child's name and number. Can include a personal message, names of coach and/or parents, etc.



Action illustration — $15

8" x 10" — Our most popular item. Can be two action photos, or one action photo and a team photo with names of players and coaches. Includes team name, player number.



Action photos — $5

5" x 7" — A photo of your child in action. Can simply be a photograph, or can be personalized with player name, team name, player number, league name, etc. These also can be ordered in wallet size, 8 for $5.



Action cards — 10 for $10

2.5" x 3.5" — A fan favorite, these player cards are two-sided and fantastic keepsakes for family and friends. Include player name, team name, player number, league name and any additional information you'd like to make these cards unique.


How To Reach Us

By email: info@allstar-photos.com

By phone: 801.707.8154

We'll need to know your child's name and jersey number, as well as time, date and location of the next few scheduled games. We'll take it from there.

We typically fill orders within two weeks, so you can have your pictures and cards often before season's end!


Team Discounts

Get four or more players from your team to order at the same time and receive a discount of up to 20%!


Spread the Word!

We are a start-up business and would appreciate you telling friends and other parents about our company.